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Ready for Lift Off

Or should way just say ready for lifting? Pole Base concrete foundations for runway and taxiway edge lighting arrive to your job site ready for installation. Simply lift the bases into your holes, level them, and install your lights into the L-867 cans already cast into the bases. It's a breeze, which means planes can resume taking people to their breezy vacation destinations in no time!

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Runway and Taxiway Edge Light Bases

Airport lighting is complicated and FAA regulations can be tough to meet, but Pole Base can help simplify the installation of your runway and taxiway edge light bases. The precast concrete foundations are built to your spec and arrive to airport jobsites ready for installation. By no longer waiting on concrete trucks and curing time on site, the installation of runway threshold and edge lighting is expedited!

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PB_Installation_Icon Stage Your Concrete, Don't Stop for It

Wouldn't you rather focus on staging your concrete bases on site for the most efficient installation than stopping your work for the complexities of concrete? With Pole Base, you're back in the pilot seat, able to streamline the installation and control your labor costs.


L-867 Compatible & Customizable

The Pole Base forming system's strength is providing custom solutions for each outdoor lighting scenario, including installing L-867 junction cans into the bases for airport applications. Need a base for another style light fixture? No problem, contact your sales rep to find your perfect solution today.


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"This product gave us the flexibility to install on our own schedule, which makes us much more efficient and, in turn, more competitive."

Randy McTaggart

Dan's Excavating

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