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Signage Says It All

While you may not be able to judge a book by its cover, many people judge a business by its sign. When picking the right signage, make sure to pick the right support, too! Pole Base precast concrete bases install faster than poured-in-place options and come with engineering back up to make sure you get the technical details of your sign's foundation right the first time!

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Precast Concrete Bases for Sign Foundations

Pole Base provides precast concrete bases for sign foundations in addition to site lighting solutions. With a sign foundation from Pole Base, you can skip over all of the hassle of set up for a poured-in-place foundation and simply set a precast concrete base instead. You'll save time on installation and won't have to worry about your end result. Available with custom configuration and textures, Pole Base can meet your specifications, as well as exceed your expectations!

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PB_Weather_Icon Sunny Disposition  

While you can't choose the weather on installation day, you can choose a precast concrete base from Pole Base for your sign foundation. Pole Base can be installed in adverse weather conditions or with high water tables, so you can maintain a sunny disposition for installation even when the forecast is dreary.


Schedule Saver

Pole Base precast foundations built to spec are delivered to your site with all the details in check. That means, not only can you skip the cardboard tube, concrete truck, and curing time, you can also expedite the install for signage knowing the specifications are already taken care of! 


Finished from the Start

Looking for an above-grade solution for your sign foundation? Pole Base precast foundations arrive at your job site with a finished look. Available in six different textures, you can get the look you want from the start.

Pole Base Textures

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"The biggest advantages we saw on this project using precast bases were that you didn't have to schedule any concrete trucks, and the bases installed much faster than if we had tried to pour our own."

Warren Reynolds

MDC Contracting

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