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Change Your Dirty Habit

Yeah, you've probably been doing it for years, but, it's time to change your dirty habit. Cancel the concrete truck, forget the cardboard tubes, and switch to Pole Base precast concrete light pole foundations. Stop worrying about the dirty details of poured-in-place concrete and start trusting Pole Base to deliver a good-looking, precast light pole foundation that's been built to spec for you.

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Light Pole Foundations Built to Spec

Pole Base precast concrete light pole foundations arrive on your jobsite ready to meet not only your expectations but also your specifications. Manufactured in a controlled environment, Pole Base can deliver customized sizes, bolt patterns, and conduit placements without a problem. Need junction boxes? No worries there either.

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Lighten Your Workload on Site Lighting Install

With Pole Base precast light pole foundations, you can dig your holes, set your bases, run your lines, and stand your light poles in the same day with the same equipment. No more waiting for concrete trucks or concrete to cure--we've taken care of that part for you!

PB_Calendar_Icon Keep Your Project On Schedule & On Budget

When you're not dependent on a concrete truck or constrained by the weather, you can keep not only your site lighting installation on schedule but your entire project. Plus, the time and labor savings on a simpler installation process can help keep the budget in check, too!


Pole Base - Perfect for Casting Some Light On...

Commercial Parking Lot Projects

Don't stay in the dark when it comes to outdoor site lighting foundations. Pole Base can increase the efficiency of your install for new construction or can help you streamline a retrofit renovation.

Learn more about using Pole Base precast foundations for lighting up parking lots and commercial projects here.

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Streetscape & Municipal Projects

Bringing life back to a downtown district or sprucing up a park's walking path probably means a lighting update. Don't let your first impressions fall flat with unsightly light pole bases.

Learn more about how Pole Base can enhance the look and performance of your next streetscape or municipal project here.

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School & University Projects

As education lights up the minds of students, someone needs to do the work of lighting up campus. With Pole Base foundations at stadiums, outdoor malls, and campus drive, everyone will cheer you on.

Learn more about using Pole Base within your budget while enhancing the look of school and university projects here.

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Finished from the Start

With Pole Base precast concrete light pole foundations, they arrive at your job site with a finished look. Available in six different textures, you can get the look you want from the start.

Pole Base Textures

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"They can be installed in harsh weather conditions, areas with wet or undesirable soil, and are quick and easy to install."

Del Rau

President of Rauhorn Electric

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