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Simple Yet Sophisticated

While Pole Base has the capacity to create precast concrete foundations with complex inner workings for electrical conduit, irrigation lines, and junction boxes, you can also keep it simple. If you're looking for a sophisticated way to support a fence, mark a driveway, or hang memorial plaque, a column from Pole Base will do the trick.

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Concrete Columns and Pillars

The decorative details of concrete columns and pillars from Pole Base can take the average and make it stand out. From driveway columns marking an entrance, to pillars supporting a fence, or bollards bringing about security, you can simplify your installation with precast columns from Pole Base while gaining a superior end result.

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Less Labor for Stacked Stone 

Want a stacked stone appearance but don't have a big budget? Pole Base columns can expedite that custom stone look with less labor. Pick the Ledgestone texture column to simply set it and forget it. Opt for the Brickledge base to apply a veneer, skipping over all the set-up and getting right to the custom work! 

LedgestoneColumn It's Possible to Personalize

Whether you want to post your address or perch a lantern, columns and pillars from Pole Base can be personalized. The versatility of the system makes electrical conduit and customization possible, and your manufacturer will work with you to pick a coordinating color.


Finished from the Start

With Pole Base precast columns, they arrive at your job site with a finished look. Available in six different textures, you can get the look you want from the start.

Pole Base columns come in multiple textures

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"Owners always like how stable they are; frost and erosion factors haven't done anything to move these things."

Matt Miller

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